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How’s everybody? Do you remember me? lol

I haven’t used this blog for almost two years now! That’s crazy!! I used to be so proud of mcfly-meme!

I’ve been on my personal one instead… I feel like I haven’t take care of my babies:(

If you want to see a meme, like the ones we used to upload, send me an ask, ah I miss the golden age *sighs*

Love you lots and I miss how good this was.


Rest In Peace Marvin Fletcher

Rest In Peace Marvin Fletcher


woah havent been here in ages!

submit your ideas here! 

submit your ideas here! 

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I absolutely love this blog ! <3

Thank you so so so much! <3

“When we where writting Room on the third floor, there was no pressure at all, it was like ‘let’s write some songs’. We didn’t know it was part of our career, part of our lives, it wasn’t a bit deal and it was a huge part of our career. If we hadn’t stayed in this hotel we would have never got our first album. It’s how me and Tom really got to knew each other ‘cause we didn’t grow up with each other or anything. It was awesome ‘cause we spent a year and a half together just doing this.
we never made any plans, we just walked around the streets, it was quite exciting. We used to live day by day, don’t we?” - Danny Jones

I found your blog today and I was like "how I never see it before?". Seriously, You made me laugh a lot. Xx

Awwn! Thank you! :D xx

Hi hello there<3

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omg where have you beeeeeen, i've missed this blog so so much <3 love love love it! xx

:”””D Omg thaaaank you!! I’ve been really busy lately and, I don’t know, I guess I run out of ideas these last months. But now summer is approaching and I will have time to be here more! :)

Love love love you! <3 xx